We are a highly focused team of specialists who deliver POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE marketing and advertising for the K-12, higher education, and library markets. We understand educators and the intricacies of the education market so we create strategies that drive response, results, and most importantly, REVENUE.

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Winter Group starts with independent, objective thought and a solid research background to develop a razor-sharp strategy and targeted creative that, together, create extraordinary results. With decades of successful performance in the K-12, Higher Ed, and related markets, we know how to craft the right custom solution to put your message front and center wherever educators and librarians are making buying decisions.

No matter what you need to accomplish, Winter Group offers the skills, talent, and collaborative processes to make it happen.

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Winter Group started more than 30 years ago with one goal—to move beyond simply marketing to actually connect and influence real decision-makers. We accomplish this by doing our homework. We start with objective, independent thought and develop a razor-sharp strategy based on research and an in-depth analysis of our clients' specific market subsets and your competitors. Couple this with eye-catching creative that focuses on delivering the right message, and we achieve remarkable results.

We care about our clients and go above and beyond to help them succeed. It's nice to receive awards for what we do, but the real reward is in creating materials that not only reach and inform people but deliver measurable results for our clients. That's when you know that Winter Group has helped you graduate to a higher level of success.

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